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16. ledna 2018 v 20:20 |  Střípky mojí duše
You burn the pages of history book
because who controls the past has presence in hands.
You burn the pages of religious book
we are the ones they must praise.
You burn the pages of travel book
none country is better than our own lands.
You burn the pages of scientific book
they don't need to wonder how it works in space.

You burn the pages of romantic book
all love belongs to our leader.
You burn the pages of fantasy book
imagination you need just for our future.
We are the ones who choose for reader
what to learn from literature.

You burn the pages of unwritten book,
idea itself can be dangerous.
And if you destroy all resisting thoughts,
no one can write the story.

You burn yourselves
with iron shaped just like our sign.
Willingly slaves
with our signature forming your mind.
Beacause in skin means in soul
and this way we'll get
inside you all.

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1 relath relath | 16. ledna 2018 v 20:36 | Reagovat

geniální :o)

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